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CWL Anaheim. Every year it is marked down on the calendar as THE open event not to miss and this year is no different. After our GPL pool play opponents Splyce took out the Stage One finals, a lot has transpired.

There has been roster changes, not only for Mindfreak, but across the board with teams like eUnited, Cloud9, Enigma 6 and Evil Geniuses all moving players around. Str8 Rippin was formed from the players left in the lurch since the roster moves and act as the organisation's first foray into the Call of Duty scene.

Whilst drawing an already strong pool in Optic and eUnited, the last 2 places are unknown quantities. One place will be taken by the highest seeded Open Bracket Qualifier which at this stage, assuming everything plays out without any issues, will be Str8 Rippin. The second and final spot will be reserved for a team coming from the Relegation Qualifier. Whoever makes it through will sure to be tough.

eUnited are coming into Anaheim with one of the world's best talents, Gunless, sitting on the bench and a massive question mark over if Swarley will be able to fill the big shoes left for him. This has surely taken a toll on their preparations, but this does not rule them out. They are still an extremely good side and cannot be underestimated.

Optic on the other hand, would be stinging from their early exit during the Stage One and will be looking to make a statement early. But they are starting to build a habit of coming up short at these big events. Is this the event they kick that trend? If Optic come out hot, there are not too many teams that can keep pace with them.

However, while this group provides a challenge to Mindfreak, it also presents as an opportunity. With arguably the best APAC talent back in Mindfreak colours and the emergence of Shockz during GPL Stage One, we have a great chance to finish in the top 2, if not on top, of the group moving into the Winners Bracket for the finals.

Assuming wins against the Open Bracket and Relegation Qualifier teams, the games against Optic and eUnited, especially, become crucial to our positioning. Following a strong showing at GPL Stage One, if we pick up wins against eUnited and Optic we will be putting the other teams on notice for the finals and looking ahead to GPL Stage Two.

CWL Anaheim will be big. Not just the event itself, but what it means for Mindfreak as well. We need the MindFamily to get on board and support the team using #MFWIN on social media to show we are not just here to take part and we mean business!

Tune in Saturday 17 June at 6am AEST where we open the Pool Play against Optic on Alpha Stream

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