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Today it is with great sadness that we farewell MFR6S from the Mindfreak family to allow them to pursue other opportunities. This was not an easy thing to do and it comes with a heavy heart, but we are incredibly proud of our team and what we were able to accomplish together over the past few years.

Since joining Mindfreak just over a year ago we were able to accomplish what many deemed the impossible. Transitioning platforms from console to PC which ultimately culminated in a 5th-8th finish at the Six Invitational 2018 along with taking out the most recent 10K ANZ Cup in dominant fashion.

“For my first world stage event, it was an honour to represent an APAC organisation like Mindfreak. We were definitely seen as the underdogs but we always had the motivation to prove people wrong. We wouldn't of had the confidence to play at our best without the support from Mindfreak and our fans. It makes our achievement so much bigger as we were able to put ANZ and APAC on the map at an international event.

I would just like to thank everyone from Mindfreak, the fans, and the sponsors who have made everything possible so far. I feel that Mindfreak were the ones to have given us the stepping stones to further ourselves in our gaming careers, and make our dreams a reality.”
- Etienne “Magnet”  Rousseau, Captain

“The second time representing Mindfreak at Six Invitational was pivotal. It was the second time Mindfreak was there, previously on Xbox and now on PC. This time we weren't there to simply say we were ait a world event, we were there to prove a point. Achieving the result we did, we earned the respect and welcome that we were after, what we didn't expect was the impact it had globally on not just Rainbow 6 but esports as a whole. We were glad we could to APAC proud as a whole, no matter the platform or game title.

I personally want to thank Albert (Naked) and Reagan(Rigz) for our time at Mindfreak. It allowed us to establish ourselves under a consistent image and become recognised. I would like to highlight that you guys believing in us to make the transition from Xbox to PC and making it happen was pivotal. I understand the risk it was for both yourselves and Mindfreak, but you backed us. It was that belief that got this team to where it is today, and I hope that our results have returned the favour.

This is not a break up and we are not moving out. We are moving out of home. We will always have a connection to here, but sometimes you just need to leave the nest. We hope in some way we have helped shaped your future as you have ours and we are eternally grateful for it.”
- Jayden “Dizzle” Saunders, Coach

“Being picked up by Mindfreak before the 2017 Six Invitational was incredible. This was an organisation that I've seen compete in the Call of Duty Championship, so I was familiar with the brand. Putting the jersey on and walking through the crowd was simply epic.

To this day, Mindfreak remains to be one of the biggest names in APAC and we're happy to have been apart of that. Mindfreak will forever be my first team in my professional career and I'm grateful for the opportunity and the path they have provided for me."
-Matthew “Acez” McHenry

Everyone here at Mindfreak would like to thank the players and express our gratitude for their efforts during their time with us, we wish them all the best for wherever their next steps take them.

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