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Mindfreak are beyond thrilled to announce the acquisition of the former Oracle ESC Call of Duty roster Jake 'Hopey' Hope, Jayden 'Setzy' Hewitt, Mark 'Zepa' Zepackic and Kainen 'Swiftazor' Fiso Kini.

After an extremely impressive run at CWL Sydney 2 and holding consistently high finishes in the online 2K events, culminating in first place at the most recent event, these players will now play under the Mindfreak organisation as Mindfreak.Black.

"I'm beyond excited to be a part of the Mindfreak family again and for those who aren't aware, I was a part of Mindfreak back in 2012 as the captain of the Halo team. Being back here now as a part of the organisation once again is such a good feeling.

I've loved what the organisation has been doing lately and I'm excited to be a part of that. Rigz and Naked are doing great things and I cannot wait for what the future holds. The team has been performing really well over the last few months, Zepa and Setzy have just came out of nowhere and done nothing but impress everyone and they still have so much potential to go further. With the addition of Swiftazor, the team has been putting in hard work and everything is looking great, which makes us really excited for the upcoming events.

We cannot wait to put in work as Mindfreak Black." Mindfreak.Black Captain - Jake 'Hopey' Hope

"I know most people will be wondering why Mindfreak is picking up another CoD team and as far as I'm concerned our original CoD team is no longer an Australian team but is now considered a global team.

We are looking to keep our roots in Australian CoD alive for the future and are looking to run both teams successfully with the goal of molding this team into another successful iteration of Mindfreak CoD. This will show that with the right guidance and incentives APAC CoD teams can be stable and a worthwhile investment.

I have no doubt in my mind that these players will uphold the image we have created for Mindfreak in the Call of Duty scene and will be something for future Call of Duty players in APAC to aspire to locally. I'm super excited to start a new journey in our local CoD scene and give back to the community I'm forever humbled by." Mindfreak Owner - Albert Nassif

Please join us in welcoming them to Mindfreak!

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