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Earlier this week we caught up with our resident FIFA pro, xMarkoHD, to chat about his upcoming international tournament, recent results and what it means to him to be a Twitch Partner.

For those who don't follow the FIFA scene, Marko will be competing in the Rest of the World Season 2 Regional Finals in Vancouver, Canada on April 21 for a spot in the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Finals to be held in Berlin, Germany. He will be up against some of the world's best as he fights for one of the available spots in the Rest of the World bracket.

Before we dive into current events, tell us a little about your history. What are some of achievements and big moments so far in your FIFA career?

"Well, this year really has taken my FIFA to a new level and my best achievement to date was finishing 7th in Sydney during the Rest of the World Season 1 Regional Finals. I'm very proud about that and hope to build on it in the future!"

Explain the process, what exactly did you need to do to qualify for the Rest of the World (ROW) Season 2 Regional Finals?

"The process to qualify for ROW Season 2 was to qualify top 12 in our region for January and I came 11th, scraping in after a few internet issues.

The month of January consisted of only 3 weekends as one weekend league got cancelled because servers were bad, so it was out of 120 games instead of 160 that month and I managed to secure that 11th spot for Vancouver."

You have seen some, if not most, of the competition already at the Rest of the World Season 1 Regional Final. Does much change between events? Do you shuffle your team and formation or stick with it knowing it may just not have been your day?

"Yes I have and they are very very good! Some of the others I have played against already and will definitely need to up my game to match them in Vancouver and hopefully I can.

I do shuffle my team around to find the best players for each position and I also have various formations for different styles of play. I have to adapt very quickly and make many changes on the go."

Qualifying recently for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Regional with a record of 154 wins out of 160 games is outstanding! Do your recent results online lend any confidence heading into the event?

"This was in the month of February and I came first in the ROW region with 154 wins from 160 to secure my spot as only top 2 qualified.

These results really do build my confidence, but I am far from over confident, just trying to be open minded about the event, as anything is possible."

In other exciting news, you have are now partnered with Twitch which is a great accomplishment! What does this mean to you? Do you feel like all the hard work and grinding is finally starting to pay off?

"Yes, it really has been amazing! The followers and friends I have made via streaming so far has just been amazing and I can't thank anyone enough. I appreciate everyone for the support they have given me, it does feel like it has been paying off, but this is only the beginning of hopefully amazing things."

We wish Marko all the best in Vancouver and you can catch him on Twitch, Youtube and Twitter below:

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