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Today we are pleased to welcome Nomia’s Heroes of the Storm roster to the Mindfreak family!

Having competed together since 2016 the team has stood dominant throughout the Australian scene, placing first across three consecutive seasons of the local Heroes of the Storm Global Championship.

“Every team under Mindfreak reigns atop their respective scenes and competes internationally. It’s only fitting that we join the home of champions. We are excited to work together to achieve big things this year.” - Ryoo

Regarding international competition, the new Mindfreak lineup is no stranger to success having attained top eight finishes in all premier events throughout 2017.

“We’re grateful to be able to work alongisde an organization such as Mindfreak. The added support will be imperative to our growth as players and as a team. Although I’m proud of our accomplishments, we’re aiming for much more this season and need to keep focused on the end goal of performing well in international tournaments.” - John

The squad currently holds an unblemished win loss-record in 2018. Competing in the first phase of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Premier Divison, opposition has failed to obtain even a single map win against the newest members of Mindfreak.

“We are all thrilled to be part of such a renowned organization and will do our best to live up to the Mindfreak name moving forward in Heroes of the Storm.” – Penta

"When Mindfreak approached us and provided us insight into their core values, direction of where the organisation was heading, providing support to nurture their existing strong performing teams, and their sense of building and expanding the eSports community, we felt like these things really resonated with how we operate and our vision for the team. Kind of like a match made in heaven! " – Jenna

Support the team by following them on Twitter and give them a warm welcome to the Mindfreak family as they compete in their next match on Thursday April 4 at 7:30PM AEST on twitch.tv/blizzard_anz. Jump in the chat and help us take the scene by storm!

Join us in welcoming to the Mindfreak family:
Fat94 – Benjamin Vilante-Davies (Captain/Flex) 
John – Jack Rees (Ranged/Flex) 
Vanilla – Matthew Dang (Support)  
Ryoo – Tae Hyung Ryoo (Melee/Flex) 
Penta – Andrew Moffatt (Warrior)
Jenna - Jenna Cloud (Manager)

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