Mindfreak PUBG Expands - Welcome Kritikal & Potato

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With continued support from developer Bluehole Studio Inc, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to see rapid growth and so does the Mindfreak PUBG roster.

Joining Edge and Champz we welcome Jayden 'Potato' Turner and Nikolai 'Kritikal' Seth to Mindfreak to fill out the squad.

Potato and Kritikal, much like Edge and Champz, have been playing PUBG together for quite some time, even going toe to toe against the Mindfreak duo on multiple occasions. The joining of two of the most dominant duos in Australia forms an extremely formidable squad that will be tough to take down as the PUBG esports community grows.

"I am very happy to be joining alongside Edge and Champz, along with Potato, to complete the MFPUBG roster. PUBG is a young game with a lot of potential and i look forward to growing alongside it as the esports side establishes itself. I hope to be there every step of the way as the game pushes into the future."
Nikolai 'Kritikal' Seth

"It's great playing alongside 3 of the best Australia has to offer, I can't wait to see what we can achieve together. It's exciting seeing PUBG grow into what it has become and the future of esports in this game is bright."
Jayden 'Potato' Turner 

"When Champz and I were picked up for Mindfreak we were always on the lookout for players to complete the squad. Krit and Potato were the perfect fit, they had the right mentality, attitude and plenty of individual talent. I'm very happy to welcome them to the team, we can and will achieve big things!"
Edge on Krit and Potato joining Mindfreak

Please welcome Krit and Potato to the #MindFamily and follow them on Twitter & Twitch to show your support!

Kritikal - Twitter / Twitch
Potato - Twitter / Twitch
Edge - Twitter / Twitch
Champz - Twitter / Twitch

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