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The 2018 season of the Halo World Championship rolls through Orlando this Friday with the first global competition of the year set to feature more teams than any Halo event prior.

Commencing at 1PM ET on Friday, February 16 and continuing through to the grand final matchup at 5PM ET on Sunday, February 18, the tournament boasts a prize pool of $50,000 with the top team walking away $20,000 richer as well as having gained 25,000 Pro Points per player.

Representing Australia, the Mindfreak Halo squad will compete in their first match against Reciprocity at 9.30am AEDT and then against Str8 Rippin at 12:00pm AEDT. Their final group match will be against the open bracket team the following day. All group play matches are in a best of five format across Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Stronghold game types.

The players of the Mindfreak Halo roster haven’t been competing under our banners for all too long but they have already made a significant impact within the local scene, having won all their online 2k tournaments since their signing on January 26.

Having dispatched of top Australian competitors such as Integral Nation, Team Immunity and Rivalryy, the Mindfreak roster has their sights set on a new challenge in the form of the 2018 Halo World Championship. Whilst their online dominance is one factor to be proud of, the team aims to remain atop the competition through major international events, starting with the Orlando Open on February 16.

The best Halo team in the world will be crowned in Seattle on April 15 at the conclusion of the $1,000,000 Halo World Championship tournament.

Prior to travelling out of Australia for the very first event of the World Championship in Orlando, Mindfreak Halo player Daniel ‘Seduce’ Franken sat down with us to share insight on how the team is preparing for its toughest challenge yet.

A substantial prize pool is not all that’s on the line for most teams. A chance at representing countries from around the globe is a rare opportunity in premier eSports, thus, as the Orlando Open hosts 93 teams it may further contribute to the pressure for a lot of competitors. Being able to represent Australia on such a grand platform is a remarkable opportunity. Does this add to the pressure the team feels going into the tournament, or does it just work to motivate everyone that little bit extra?

Seduce: “I personally don’t feel any pressure when representing myself or ANZ. I believe that whoever earns the spot to represent their region on a world stage just needs to give it their best shot, that’s all you can really ask for. Not just as the event itself, but throughout the practice leading up to it.”

Having won each of the five 2k tournaments you have competed in thus far, how do you think that the team has been performing of late? Is the morale high headed into the Orlando event?

Seduce: “Even though we are currently 5 for 5 in the MLG 2k’s, we constantly focus on our key areas for improvement each week. Our performance as of late has been going well but we refuse to be complacent. We try to be as efficient as possible with the limited amount of time we have together as a team. I feel this is a big reason as to why our team is able to maintain consistency leading up to the
more important LAN tournaments.”

How has the team been preparing for the Orlando event outside of the 2k tournaments? Has it been difficult trying to find scrims with a diverse array of teams?

Seduce: “Leading up to the Orlando event we try to maintain a balanced schedule of practice and time for analysing not only ourselves but the competition. We are looking forward to the opportunity to play
against the international teams to get a more accurate representation of what we’re up against. We’re also treating it as a learning curve, allowing us to have an advantage when returning back to compete at the ANZ Halo World Championship Regional Qualifier in a few weeks.”

Looking back on how the team performed throughout the 2k matches, how has it impacted motivation prior to the event in Orlando?

Seduce: “I am very happy and impressed with the approach we have taken as a team. We all share the same attitudes and strive for perfection. I am confident leading into Orlando and willing to give it our best shot and make the most of it.”

Mindfreak Halo will compete in their first match between 3PM-10PM ET against a team that makes itthrough the Open Bracket. You can watch all the action live at https://www.twitch.tv/halo

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Written by – Brad Norton

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