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Earlier today we watched on with keen interest as 16 of the world’s best teams were split into groups of 4 for stage 1 of the Call of Duty CWL Global Pro League. Mindfreak were placed into a group alongside European juggernauts Splyce and the ever consistent 2 North American teams, Team EnVy and Cloud9.

We caught up with BuZZO, Fighta, Shockz and Excite to get their thoughts and reactions on the draw:

Having seen the draw, what are your thoughts BuZZO? Were their any teams you did (or did not) want to play in the pools?

“We are happy with the teams we have drawn but a tad annoyed we were the first group up. We wanted more time to be able to boot camp without having to rush our decisions of where to go/when etc but now it looks like we will be getting just over 2 weeks in the States to practice.

Matchup wise I think it's about the best group we could have asked for. You don't have an absolute powerhouse in Envy from pod 1, I think the other 3 (OG, EU, FaZe) would have been deadlier for us to come up against.

Splyce are undoubtedly the best team in Europe at the moment, if not a top team overall. I think the practice before the event should help us matchup against these guys better as they're a really fast in your face team.

The last team is Cloud9 which we lost to at MLG Dallas in pool play on the last map, in the last round. I think this is another team that given the practice we will get, we can beat.

As for a team we wouldn't want in our group, it would of been the other three from pod 1 because chances are they should be taking 1 of the top 2 spots which dramatically decreases your own chances of making finals. In these events it's all about pools/brackets as seen at the last few CoD Champs where OG have drawn the eventual winners the last 2 years.”

Fighta and Shockz, knowing that no games are ever easy, who do you see as your biggest threat to making it out of pool play and into the double elimination playoffs?

I would have to say our biggest threat in our pool is Splyce, they are known as the powerhouse team of EU. They have some of the most talented players from the EU region in one team, so it's no doubt this will one of our hardest games.

However, in saying that at this level of competition anything can happen between the four teams in our pool and any pool, therefore, every team will be threat to us in making it out of pools. So we just have to play well and grind our games out.” - Fighta

“Every team in our group is a threat, Call of Duty is and always has been about which team shows up on that particular day. The best team in the world can play mediocre whilst an underdog can come out hot and take home the W.

In saying that though, out of the three other teams in the pool we have only played c9, obviously losing game 5 round 11. In regards to Envy, they haven’t been placing quite well in the recent MLG events according to the standards they hold themselves to, so I would say they are looking to contest the top spot so they will also be a tough opponent. Splyce have also contested Optic taking them to game 5 so they are looking in form since their roster change.

Overall, every team is a threat but if I had to choose one it would be Splyce.” - Shockz

To finish off, Excite, you carry the hopes of an entire region with you into the Pro League as people from all over APAC will be cheering you on. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and the rest of the Mind Family before starting the grind?

“Honestly with the hopes and dreams of APAC I think we can only get better, MLG Dallas and Atlanta were just warm ups, early practice before the real show starts.

All I can say to everyone at home is the more support we have the better we will play, no matter what, we will play our hearts out but every little bit of belief and support goes a long way to making us play better! #MF

You can cheer on the squad when our pool play kicks off the weekend of April 21 and watch as we fight for our place in the playoffs.

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