Pull Up A Chair By The Hearth – Mindfreak Welcomes Alexander ‘NaviOOT’ Ridley

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Today we’re excited to welcome Hearthstone extraordinaire NaviOOT to the Mindfreak family!

Having remained at the peak of the competitive scene for many years and with consistent top 100 ladder finishes across the Asia and America regions, Navi is an exceptional talent that more than exemplifies the passion of our community.

Atop his accomplishments in the Hearthstone scene stands his remarkable performance at the 2016 HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Championship. Walking away with a top four finish at his first international event instilled a new sense of confidence and proved just how far hard work and determination can go.

Furthermore, Navi has amassed a generous following on Twitch where you’ll find him streaming on a daily basis. Nearing 50,000 followers, Navi is often one of the top Hearthstone streamers globally at any given time. The relaxed environment of his stream allows for anyone to hop in, interact with the chat, learn something new, and improve their game as a result.

“I’m really humbled to join Mindfreak. It’s truly exciting to be given an opportunity to compete and produce content for them and in turn, help grow the community.

Being a competitor and streamer from OCE, it means a great deal to join an OCE org since the scene it still in its infancy. It’s exciting to lay the groundwork for bigger things yet to come.” - Navi

Help us in giving Navi a warm welcome to the Mindfreak family by following along on Twitter and supporting the stream when he goes live!

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  • Welcome Navi you will love Mindfreak ! I can assure you !

    Rita Koryozo on

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