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After his short stint at Tainted Minds, Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor is returning to Mindfreak and effective immediately will be taking the spot of Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo on the Call of Duty roster. Denz will be playing in the upcoming Call of Duty World League 2017 Anaheim Open mid June along with all other tournaments moving forward.

Denz brings back to the team a wealth of knowledge, skill and also a familiar play style that saw the team break out into the international scene. Picking up where the team left off 6 months ago, we hope this roster move will further enhance our global position and offer better results internationally.

“Mindfreak is the #1 APAC team and the opportunity to do well at an international level with an Australian team has always been a big influence of mine. As is playing with the best Search and Destroy player in the world. As this year has progressed, I've seen Mindfreak gradually improve in their placings and I’m hoping to push them into that Top 8 and above territory.

Alongside this, the people involved make it all worthwhile.

I’ve obviously been a part of Mindfreak before, so to me, it’s just back to business as usual, pushing the boundary on what we can achieve. We’ll be looking for some more definitive finishes in the upcoming tournaments and making steady progress in our gameplay to further our placings.”
~ Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor

“When Denz left 6 months ago, I was shocked with his decision and it rocked the team as we all valued winning quite highly and used it as the main reason for competing. However, with his return back to Mindfreak, this will only make us stronger as a team and I look forward to competing with him again.” ~ Lincoln ‘Fighta’ Ferguson - Captain

We thank Cody for his service and wish him all the best moving forward. Also, please join us in welcoming Denz back to Mindfreak.

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  • I am a supporter of the Mindfreak so let’s go come on guys! You are the best !!you can in the season!

    Yohann Rossini on

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