Welcome GreedZz - Mindfreak Expands to Japan

Posted by Mitch Johnston on

Mindfreak are thrilled to announce that Japanese Youtube personality and competitive player GreedZz has joined the organisation as part of our ever expanding content team.

Boasting over 43,500 youtube subscribers and being partnered with Twitch, GreedZz has a large viewer base and provides a great opportunity to engage with fans and promote the Mindfreak brand to one of the biggest regions in the world.

GreedZz has always been a passionate supporter of the Mindfreak COD team, even coming to CWL Sydney 2 to watch the team successfully defend their championship. The VLOG of his trip attracted close to 60,000 views in the days after it was uploaded.

As we continue to establish ourselves as an international organisation, Mindfreak see this partnership as an integral piece to reaching a largely untapped market due to the obvious language barrier. However we are excited to work with GreedZz and his management at Wekids to overcome this and expand the #MindFamily.

Mindfreak Founder Reagan 'RiGZ' Koryozo added that "As an organization we, Mindfreak, want to leave our footprint on the international esports scene and GreedZz is the perfect fit for us to branch out to the Asian region in the game that we love, Call of Duty.

We’ll be looking to support Japanese Call of Duty by getting GreedZz to international events with the Mindfreak Pro team to cover these events and also getting current pro players from Mindfreak COD and Mindfreak Black to Japan to promote the Mindfreak organisation and Call of Duty in the region.”

Please welcome GreedZz to the #MindFamily and follow him below:


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